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City and ACRI Presents Film Chronicling Life of State Congressman and Former Civil Rights Activist

Albany, GA - The City of Albany & Albany Civil Rights Institute (ACRI) recently presented “Get in the Way”, a film about the Journey of John Lewis.

As a part of the Centennial Celebration of the Municipal Auditorium, the City of Albany and the Albany Civil Rights Institute celebrated Unsung Heroes in History by presenting screening of the documentary film “Get in the Way”, which chronicles the life and works of Georgia Congressman and former civil rights activist John Lewis. During this event, the city recognized and honored local civil rights icon and former city commissioner Rev. Charles Sherrod and Congressman Lewis for their work as members of SNCC (Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee) during the 1960’s.

Downtown manager Latoya Cutts stated, “We are fortunate to have Charles Sherrod in our community and the city thought this would be a wonderful time to recognize him for his untiring work and contribution to our history”. When asked about this joint venture ACRI Executive Director W. Frank Wilson stated that “this was a natural collaboration and he is excited because so many young folk don’t know John Lewis’ story”. The event was free and open to the public and was held at the Municipal Auditorium.

A brief panel discussion followed the screening. Donations went to support the Albany Civil Rights Institute.