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What You Need To Know About Private Cloud Computing

Original Publish Date: 
March 17, 2015

Special to the Metro

Jacksonville, FL -Although the IT community agrees that private cloud computing is the next big tech movement, many CEOs are nonetheless resistant to adopting these services. This, according to industry experts, is due to a general lack of familiarity with the cost and security of private cloud computing.

According to experts at U2 Cloud, a Jacksonville-based cloud service provider (CSP), private cloud computing offers a higher level of security for sensitive data than traditional, tethered, server-based systems. The key factor in secure cloud networks is the word, “private." Public cloud networks are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than both in-house servers and private cloud programs. Many companies also capture significant bottom line savings when they adopt the private cloud and retire their traditional servers. Joe Solsona, President of U2 Cloud, says that these are just two of the reasons CEOs, who want to gain competitive financial advantages, are migrating their data to private cloud computing. 

"Private cloud computing uses outsourced servers that allow your employees to work remotely from virtually any device with a greater degree of flexibility and security than conventional, site-dependent environments.

“Organizations will also significantly reduce capital expenditures while increasing employee productivity.”

Private cloud computing creates virtual desktops that can be accessed from any device. The computer, laptop or mobile device works in exactly the same manner as a device that is hard-lined into an in-house server. All functions remain intact, but a remote, secure private cloud network provides data storage.  

New technologies are often difficult to integrate into the traditional workplace. Most CEOs are experts in their particular disciplines, but the uncertainty of the constantly changing technological field is threatening to them.”

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